Step of the Queen exhibition at Haus gallery

Haus Gallery 03.09.2021-25.09.2021
Nina DoShe (Dobrovolska) is a painter and designer who offers the opportunity to literally wear her artworks and carry them with you. The artist creates silk scarves and clothes based on her paintings. Both are on display at the exhibition.

Artist Nina Dobrovolska, professionally known as Nina DoShe, is an artist with Ukrainian roots who has spent the last six years of her life in Estonia, becoming a great admirer of the nature and environment of this country. She has consciously devoted herself to the world of creation later in life. Having a previous higher education in both medicine and banking, she started studying art and graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2018 as a graphic artist. Today, Nina paints, with conviction through classical light and shadow, modelling beautiful worlds to prove that poetically elegant, festive and realistic painting has not disappeared. 

Considering Nina’s creation, beauty must be emphasized – beauty is the primary thing she shares with the viewer and considers the most important. Compositions with women, flowers, and spaces that communicate with each other through the glimmers of light and color. Tulips, irises, roses, intimately reserved and personal but at the same time open and candid.

Nina’s paintings are stories and fragments, the beginning and end of which are hidden, alluding to the whole. Ballerinas sitting on stage, each with their own character and somewhere a home, a window and a vanity set. A girl holding a bouquet of flowers which reflect her lovely innocent nature for a moment.. A royal figure in a world of ancient sculptures, both a part of here and there, a walker between the past and the present – significantly feminine, eternal. Simply flowers on the table in a street café basking in sunlight as a gift to a mysterious somebody, but at the same time to everybody… 

Nina Dobrovolska’s paintings in Haus Gallery create the impression of a collection of short stories, fragments of several someones and somethings, passing by the same street of art, meeting through a touch of bright colors.

The artist herself says she has always wanted her paintings to liven more than just the image itself, to be visible, moving and eye-catching. Thus, she has created a fashion collection based on her works where painted fragments have come to life on silk kimonos and scarves. It is only right for beauty to be put on a pedestal and brought forth and Nina’s creation is definitely an ambassadeur of beauty itself – beautiful compositions, beautiful clean and finely applied colors that vary with gold and bronze accents, beautiful figures and beautiful moments, in beautiful light. The artist invites us to applaud beauty!

Curator Piia Ausman