Order a commissioned design project from Nina Doshe brand.

Custom work guarantees exclusivity of design, without the right of reproduction. The product you ordered will only be with you!​

portrait of a girl by Nina Dobrovolska

Commissioned portrait

Nina Doshe paints oil portraits, as well as in graphic style. Portraits are taken from nature or from photographs provided. Your portrait can be done on canvas or transferred to silk.

Portrait: Sunny Girl
Material: Oil on canvas, acrylic.
Size: 100x80cm

silk scarf with a personal logo by Nina Doshe

Personal gifts & accessories

Order a unique gift with a personalized design, a logo pattern developed specially for you. On a photo: men's scarf with a personal logo design by Nina Doshe.

Silk satin scarf (100% silk)
Logotype pattern designed for client
Size: 41×137 cm

silk scarf gift by nina doshe

Turning your drawing into scarf design.

You can draw a fancy pattern, and I will make a wonderful scarf design out of it. On the photo: a female silk scarf, based on a drawing to which the customer made herself.

Silk satin scarf (100% silk)
Scarf designed based on client’s drawing
Size: 41×137 cm

Corporate gifts & accessories

Order male and female scarves and other silk accessories in addition to the uniform for your employees or as a memorable gift for corporate partners.

Silk satin scarf (100% silk)
Scarf pattern will be inspired by corporate  identity.
Different sizes available upon request

Terms of ordering commissioned work

Send us your email request to: with a description of your idea and attached materials. 

Indicate the type of solution:
1. Personalized silk product (kimono, women’s men’s scarves and scarves, bed spreads)
2. Portrait (oil, canvas)
3. Graphic portrait on silk (in fashion style)
4. Corporate gift, accessory (handkerchief and scarves)